Classic Kalda

Part 1

Brin, Gli, Ahdio, Ellie, and the astromech droid R2-B8 started working together in a YT-1300 called the Cerulean Raider. They were loaned the ship by a small-time crime-lord, Nishida, and would pay-off the loan by working for him. However, on their very first assignment, the group was intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer. After being captured, Ahdio and Brin were found out to have warrants for their arrests. They were given the chance to work as a shuttle service between the Star Destroyer and a prison colony. The group accepted- only to become fugitives and flee their deal with the Empire. They went to the nearest starport (Duros), and sold the “borrowed” YT-1300 in exchange for a Lantillian stock light freighter. They named the ship the Noble Blaze. The group decided the safest plan was to head for Hutt space; they ended up on Nar Shadda. They met Ellie’s old friend Prem, a Rodian that worked for Gorlam the Hutt. All of the members of the group at some point in their careers had worked on Nar Shadda, and most had worked with Hutts. When Prem offered them an audience with the Hutt crime-lord, they decided it was their best option (Gli objected to returning to a ‘life of crime,’ but was out-voted regardless). Gorlam had an audience with the group, and offered them a mission to retrieve a mysterious “magic” lute. It was rumored to put listeners into a trance- all except for the Force-attuned. The lute was reported to be in the hands of another crime-lord at his base on an ice planet.

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